What is Cylinder Snapping ?

As the title would suggest this is where the lock cylinder is literally snapped.

It is estimated that over 22 million doors across the UK could be at risk from a method of attack where the lock cylinder can be broken in just five seconds.

Although for obvious reasons the exact tools or methods used by burglars to snap the Euro-Profile (or European Profile) style cylinder should not be revealed, knowledge of how to do so is widespread and has been increasingly used nationally.
No matter how secure the locking mechanism is it can easily be overcome once the cylinder has been removed and many burglars know they can easily defeat conventional cylinders in seconds, using simple everyday tools.
This threat can be considerably reduced simply by upgrading the cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent this method of attack and we recommend that all vulnerable doors using Euro-Profile cylinders be upgraded to incorporate ‘Break Secure’ cylinders.


Anti Snap Cylinders

Anti Snap cylinders, are specifically designed to combat the growing threat.
A cylinder has been designed that although it will snap, it will snap in a predetermined position leaving intact a portion of the cylinder that will still provide security and still require key operation to open, thus preventing the easy manipulating of the locking system.


A locksmith can offer a full installation and upgrade service to meet your needs, Replacement lock cylinders should meet all parts of the exacting British Standard Kitemarked TS 007:2014 3 star accreditation accreditation scheme.

Cylinder Brands available from Lock Assist


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