Checkatrade Update:

In December 2018, Lock Assist Ltd made the decision to end our long membership with . We felt that it’s only right to share our reasoning in doing so with our clients – past and present.
In February 2017, HomeServe brought 40% of Checkatrade and in November 2017 they acquired the remaining 60%. “What’s wrong with that?” I hear you say. So let us explain. In 2014, HomeServe were fined £30.6 million for mis-selling insurance policies and failing to investigate complaints to mainly vulnerable pensioners (more info here )and yet now they own Checkatrade – a company originally formed to stop tradespeople ripping off the public yet now run by convicted fraudsters. Lock Assist Ltd therefore do not wish to be associated with a company that goes against what it was set out to do all those years ago by Kevin Bryne – Checkatrade’s founder. Indeed, in light of all the adverse publicity, he has tried to buy the company back but without success. We are members of Which? Trusted Traders who have always worked with the general public’s best interests at its heart and how Checkatrade used to be. For customers that have used our services, please visit our page at Which? Trusted Traders and our Google page to leave feedback for any works we have done for you.

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