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Master Keys

What are Master Keys Systems and Keyed Alike Suites?

Master Key

A simple Master Key System can control access to all areas of a building, ensuring that only authorised key holders can access specific points. Combined with a registered key section, available at Lock Assist, the end user can be assured that only the authorised key signature can obtain copy keys, thereby giving complete key control and increased security.

Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties

A Master Key System can greatly reduce the costs of supplying staff with large bunches of keys to access the building.  With careful planning and design, a large commercial building can be accessed with a single key for management or security whilst individual staff can be issued with a single key to open and access their own office or workstation and other predetermined areas.Working closely with Architects, customers and designers, Lock Assist design and build a wide range of Master Key Systems.  Each system is designed to achieve the end users requirements, ensuring that the system is practical and user friendly ensuring ease of use and reliability on a daily basis.

Domestic Properties

Domestic Properties

At a domestic level, the use of master keyed or a keyed alike system can relieve you of large bunches of keys allowing you to control access for visitors or workmen. With a registered key system you can be sure that the key you lent to the plumber or cleaner is the only key they can get! Landlords and people who let out rooms in their homes or offices use this system to ensure that tenants are unable to have their keys copied. In practice, this means that when the tenant moves out and the key is returned, there is no possibility that an additional key has been cut without the landlords authority. It is also possible for the landlord to have more than one property but to only have a single Master Key. Each tenant's key however, will only operate their own door.

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