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Doors before
These tatty old doors were in a very poor state - but not for long! Click on image to enlarge
Doors after Lock Assist's visit
These new doors were supplied and installed by Lock Assist. Click on image to enlarge
This replacement external Fire Exit door fitted with panic bars. Click on image to enlarge
Hinges for fire doors should be to BS EN 1935 grade 11 or 13. Click on image to enlarge
Intumescent Seals should be fitted to both sides and top of a fire door. Click on image to enlarge
Door Closers should be fitted to fire doors and meet BS EN 1154. Click on image to enlarge

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A fire-resisting door or fire door is provided to resist the passage of fire, smoke and heat for a significant period, usually 30 minutes or 60 minutes so that the occupants of a building can safely evacuate the building.  In holding back fire and smoke, escape routes are maintained and fire spread within the building is resisted.  Any door in a fire resisting wall or partition must be a fire door.

Fire doors other than those to locked cupboards and service cupboards normally need to be self-closing. Self-closing devices should be of a type, which can not be easily removed or tampered with, which will completely close a door, and overcome the resistance of a latch fitted, from fully open or partially open position.  These should be to BS EN 1154. 

An intumescent seal should be fitted across the head of the door and down the sides of the door. Alternatively the seal can be fitted in the door frame. There is normally a gap of up to 4mm between door and frame. Hinges must be capable of taking the increased weight of the door. 

Fire-resisting doors need to be hung with the correct number, size and quality of hinges. Normally, a minimum of three 102mm hinges are needed and these should be to BS EN 1935.

.....but are MY fire doors ok?

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