HAVE YOU SEEN that Aviva have been running an advert on TV?

HAVE YOU SEEN that Aviva have been running an advert on TV recently about buildings insurance and they ask if the person’s locks meet BS3621? They assume he’s lying and when the interrogator presses further, the man cracks: “I don’t know!” he cries. “Nobody knows!”  But is this true and how doesn’t he know?
Well, like most things, the details are usually on the item – in this case, the door lock. If your lock meets British Standard 3621, it will stamped somewhere where it’s easy to see. You will see a kite or heart shaped stamp and the BS3621 number together with the year of the standard. Check out the photos below. And this standard not only relates to mortice locks (those fitted in the body of the door) but also Rim Nightlatches (generally known as ‘Yale’ locks which have a round cylinder on the outside face of the door and a large box fitted on the inside face).
But this standard is not for Upvc, Aluminium and Composite doors so you won’t find it marked anywhere there! Those doors are usually described as ‘multipoint’ locks.
Your insurer will normally send out a blanket letter which will cover the ‘usual’ locks but won’t cover them all. If you find yourself unsure if the locks you have fitted meet their requirements, call us during office hours at Lock Assist Ltd on 01444 244 344 where we can help over the phone and even call round – completely free of charge. We are always happy to give advice and if you don’t need any new locks, we’ll tell you that.

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