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What is Cylinder Snapping ?

As the title would suggest this is where the lock cylinder is literally snapped. It is estimated that over 22 million doors across the UK could be at risk from a method of attack where the lock cylinder can be broken in just five seconds. Although for obvious reasons the exact tools or methods used […]

What is a Master Key System?

A master key system means that it is possible for people, who are authorised to access different doors within a system, to each have just one key. Benefits for you: Security with as few keys as possible Easy use, as only one key is needed for all relevant doors Simplified organisation It is possible to […]

HAVE YOU SEEN that Aviva have been running an advert on TV?

HAVE YOU SEEN that Aviva have been running an advert on TV recently about buildings insurance and they ask if the person’s locks meet BS3621? They assume he’s lying and when the interrogator presses further, the man cracks: “I don’t know!” he cries. “Nobody knows!”  But is this true and how doesn’t he know? Well, like […]

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